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Invest your money into tools that enrich both your student's learning experience, your teacher's teaching experience instead of investing in the LMS.

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A clean LMS built from the ground up for your educational institution.

  • Fully functional Learning Management System source code and ready for Server deployment.
  • Simple Server deployment instructions with step by step on how to deploy the LMS on your Server, and get it up and running within 2 hours.
  • Integrates with existing systems and hosting domain.
  • Tailored for the cloud platform Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Includes automatic feature updates and full technical support.


Fully featured online classrooms allow educators and students to work better

  • Individual educators can create and manage an unlimited number of classrooms.
  • Professional tools showcases education, experience, and publications in an online portfolio.
  • Students can manage their coursework, engage with their classes, and build opportunities.
  • Parent registration allows parents to connect and track their children learning progress.
  • Use a wide variety of seamlessly integrated apps to customize both the teaching and learning experiences.

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Comparison Chart

  gotoClassroom’s LMS Moodle’s LMS
Server memory 1GB for every 1000 users 1GB for every 20 users
Data Storage Support Cloud storage (i.e, Amazon EC2). Amazon is a champion for online data security. Store data locally on the Server, and requires special Data Security Engineer to look after it in order to secure the data.
Code size 43.9 MB 45.2 MB
Code line 387,447 lines of code Over 2,392,202 lines of code
Scalability Horizontally scalable to depend less on the Server specifications. For example, we could stack to 2, 3, 4 etc small Servers together as we scale. Vertically scale which requires high performance Server and keep adding RAM, Hard Drive to the same Server as they scale.
Server deployment Single deployment script combined with Docker service which minimum computer knowledge staff could easily do.

Trust us, you will appreciate the amount of work we invested to make it extremely simple to deploy sophisticated LMS.
Old-fashioned way to deploy the system on to the new Server, which requires a high level of Server expertise to complete such deployment tasks.
App Store Global App Store updates automatically across the installed LMS without any involvement from IT Administrator. Localized App Store requires IT Administrators to download new source codes and re-deploy the App Store in order to get the App Store up-to-date.
Branding Host the LMS under your own domain name (i.e, Host the LMS under Moodle domain name (i.e,
Q&A Portal Quora like Q&A Portal for your whole school/institution. None.
Portfolio Your teachers can professionally design their teaching portfolio homepage and at the same time host their class under one web domain/subdomain address. None.
Resume Your students can professionally design their own resume without putting a lot stress on your Career Center staffs. The finished resume has its own web domain/subdomain address to unblock the potential reach limits. None.
Yearbook After each term/semester, the classroom will become a digital Yearbook for an unlimited number of years, until teachers decide to delete it. None.
Try and tell us which LMS is better Try live and real LMS at What you see is what you get, and you are two hours away from using it. Try Moodle sandbox demo at Another month away before you can put it in use.
Free gotoClassroom is also an Open Source with well documented code and API, so your IT Admin can easily manage the LMS. It’s an open source but you have to hire consultants and engineers to look after the LMS and the real cost is equivalent to buying other LMS.

Don’t let their “FREE” fool you!


Join the gotoClassroom development community and help evolve the education environment by using our simple Application Program Interface (API) to design your applications and fast track your creativity.

  • Develop exciting applications for a wide audience of teachers, students, and parents.
  • Super easy to integrate your existing solutions with gotoClassroom's App Store.
  • Build any educational application (i.e, tool, game, content-based application) in any programming language.
  • Seamlessly integrate your application into the Learning Management System.
  • Utilize our open API to individualize your applications to each user’s specific needs.
  • Full developer support provided, with easy application approval, and short received payment periods.

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  • Why free?

    gotoClassroom's Learning Management System is completely free and no string attached, allowing schools to invest in tools to enrich the student's learning experience and enable teacher's to focus on high quality teaching.

  • Who are we? What are we creating?

    gotoClassroom is a diverse team of 11 headquarted in Toronto, Canada and has been developing EdTech software for over 8 years. We're creating the first Central APP Store to distribute and manage third party educational tools for the Learning Management System.